Decorative Concrete Stenciling & Resurfacing

Do you want to improve the value of your property?

Decorative Concrete Stenciling & Resurfacing is an excellent choice if you are looking to improve the value of your home or property. For areas of concrete around your home such as driveways, footpaths, and outdoor entertainment areas that are showing signs of age. Our concrete resurfacing and stenciling is one of the most affordable yet dramatic ways to improve a new or existing concrete area.

Concrete Stenciling Colours and Patterns

With an incredibly large range of colours, pattern designs and textures to choose from, we can match any colour to suit your surroundings and give your tired looking concrete a new lease of life while also tailoring a solution that will suit your budget.

The decorative concrete process is a quick and affordable way to change the complete look of an area with most projects being completed in just a day or two. Our decorative concrete coatings are durable, abrasion resistant to normal pedestrian, vehicular traffic and weather exposure and best of all are easy to maintain after application.

Clients often refer to concrete resurfacing as covercrete, stamped concrete, stencil concrete, driveway resurfacing, pool surround resurfacing, concrete painting, concrete tinting and more. Whatever you call it, the finished result is a slip-resistant hard wearing surface, sealed to ensure water resistance and durability, with several custom finishes available to suit particular environments.

  • Wide range of modern pattern designs, colours and textures
  • We can match any colour to suit your surroundings, complimenting your home and environment
  • Concrete resurfacing and stenciling is a quick way to improve a new or existing concrete area
  • Durable, abrasion resistant and affordable
  • Easy maintenance after application
  • Improve the value of your home or property
Decorative Concrete Stenciling & Resurfacing After

Decorative Concrete Stenciling & Resurfacing Colours

Colours displayed should be used as a guide only for your colour selection. Variations in colour and shading may occur depending on the job conditions, chosen texture and finishing practices employed by your concrete contractor.

Concrete Stencil Patterns

Concrete Stenciling and Resurfacing Areas

Creating an attractive outdoor space starts with your flooring. You want something that will be visually appealing but also practical and suitable for high traffic spaces.

Like all materials, concrete is subject to the passage of time. Harsh conditions, heavy traffic and hard knocks can all age and dull a concrete surface. When this happens, you don’t have to replace the entire area. Concrete resurfacing with or without a stencil can bring life back to old concrete and is an easy and affordable way to completely change your surroundings – with minimal time and money required.

Decoratively resurfacing or stenciling concrete is perfect for this purpose and Brisbane Decorative Concrete can provide you with a non-slip surface that mimics the appearance of cobblestones, tiles, brick, granite or slate and that can be walked on just hours after creation. It’s the perfect surface material and in most cases can last longer than regular concrete. All that you need to do is keep it swept, rinsed down regularly and have a coat of sealer applied approximately every two years.

If you have a concrete surface in or around your home that doesn’t require repairs but could do with a makeover, then contact Brisbane Decorative Concrete today to enquire about our resurfacing and stenciling services.

Our sealers will ensure it’s protected from moisture penetration, direct solar radiation, chemical spills, and abrasion.

Anycrete concrete resurfacing process

Anycrete Concrete can resurface just about any area, provided that the damage is cosmetic. We don’t recommend it for concrete surfaces that are in need of damage repair or that have major structural problems.

If your surface is suitable, then here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll clean the surface from any loose debris using a specialised concrete power washer. This will get rid of packed in the dirt that a broom or a hose cannot.
  • We’ll then prepare a specialised resurfacing mix using our drills and paddle mixers, applying to your wetted surface to prevent moisture loss and ensure the final finish is even and smooth.
  • Depending on what you require the surface for, we’ll either stop here or continue. Hard-wearing surfaces like driveways can be cured for several hours before being ready for use. On the other hand, other surfaces for other parts of the home will require additional steps.
    If your resurfaced area is near a pool or water source, we’ll add a low slip additive to the surface for your safety.
  • If you’d like your concrete surface to have a pattern, we will apply a primer and basecoat using a spray gun. You can choose a select area or do this all over, as we’ll protect the surrounding areas from overspray.
  • We’ll apply a stenciled pattern of your choice and then cover this with cover crete to protect it. After it has dried it will be swept clean one more time and then covered with a final layer of acrylic sealer.

Why live with an unattractive concrete area when we can transform it for you in mere hours?

Contact us today to get started!

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